MuTool is a complete software covering test program development, advanced debug functionalities, and test operation.
  • High level block diagram

    High level block diagram

    Mu-TEST uses Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) for patterns, levels, timings...programming. In addition, test parameters can be easily imported from CSV files. Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) enables user code programming in C++. Mu-TEST provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI), running under Windows Operating System

  • MuTool software functionalities

    MuTool software functionalities

    Mu-TEST developped its software with two main focus: make it user friendly, easily useable, and enabling the complete coverage of the product lifecycle, from test program development, to advanced device debug functionalities, to production test operation.

  • Test program development

    Test program development

    The editing menus of MuTool software enable a very easy and fast test program development. Within 15 minutes, a simple test program can be written from scratch, up and running. Upload of existing CSV files, pre-entered inputs, intuitive interface makes the life of the test engineers easier.

  • Waveforms display

    Waveforms display

    Following the edition of the test program, MuTool offers powerful debug functionalities, including waveforms display. This tool shows the expected waveforms from the test program, with actual signal acquisition from the Device Under Test (DUT). User can zoom-in, zoom-out, measures levels or timings, to identify bugs or fails root causes.

  • Pattern display

    Pattern display

    MuTool debug functionalities also include pattern display. Connected to waveform display, user can switch straight from one to the other, while fixing a fail. The pattern can be modified on the fly, test can be re-executed immediately.

  • Shmoo Plot display

    Shmoo Plot display

    User can define the parameters to be considered, as well as ranges to be scanned.

  • APG Simulator

    APG Simulator

    With subroutine and scrambling management, Mu-TEST APG enables memories (standalone, embedded...) to be tested, using a set of test patterns (Hammer, MarchRaw...). The simulator enables also new test pattern development.